Kanika Kapoor deletes her post which revealed that she received a positive COVID19 result

<pre><pre>Kanika Kapoor deletes her post which revealed that she received a positive COVID19 result

Kanika Kapoor was the first Indian celebrity to test positive for the COVID 19 pandemic that has closed the whole world in the last few weeks. The singer had returned from the UK and, instead of quarantine, had flown to Lucknow, where she had met with nearly 300 people at two separate parties. She then revealed with a social media post about her ailment and was ruthlessly ruthless for negligence.

Kanika had shared in her post: “For the past 4 days I have had signs of the flu, I got tested and tested positive for Covid-19. My family and I are in full quarantine now and following medical advice on how to proceed. The mapping of contacts of people with whom I have been in contact is also underway. ”

She also shared: “At this stage I would like to urge you all to practice self-isolation and to get tested if you have the signs. I feel good, like a normal flu and a mild fever, however we need to be sensitive citizens right now and think about everything around us. We can overcome this without panic only if we listen to the experts and our directives from local, state and central government. Wishing everyone good health. Jai Hind, take care of yourself.

Kanika Kapoor Coronavirus Positive

After being hit by her actions that have a pot of almost 260 lives at risk, Kanika suddenly deleted this post today without giving any explanation why he did it. The singer is currently being treated in Lucknow at SGPGI and fortunately no other person she came into contact with has tested positive so far.



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