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Kandi Burruss takes advantage of the quarantine: she opens her online store! Watch the video for all the details

Kandi Burruss Capitalizes Off The Quarantine: She Opens Her Online Shop! Check Out The Video To Find Out All The Details

Kandi Burruss is at home everyday, and she told her fans that she had been ordering all kinds of things from Amazon, and that she had a great idea of ​​having her own online store.

He posted about all of this exciting on both his IG account and YouTube as well.

Check out all the juicy details about the project below.

‘I'm always ordering things on Amazon, so I decided to make my own Kandi store that offers my favorite things. Now I have too much time on my hands … Mira Check out my last YouTube page that tells you the story behind 3 of my favorites! Also, if you have something you love and that you ordered, please tell me below and you could order and review it later. #kandionline #amazonaffiliate #affiliatelink ", Kandi captioned the post on her IG account.

Fans were really excited to see Kandi carry on with business plans even these days.

A follower said, "In just a week, Kandi figured out how to capitalize on this quarantine lifestyle." #Respect the hustle and bustle. "

One commenter posted: ‘" Don't check for me unless you have a check for me! "Watch my girl find a way to make money on this too! I love it! & # 39;

Someone said: ‘Kandi girl, you always work hahaha. Literary, when I tell people everything I'm going to do, haha, they look at me like that, it's a lot, and I look at them like Kandi does. "

A follower posted this: ‘Good morning 🌞 Kandi. I am home for 2 weeks. I look forward to seeing your YouTube videos. Keep me entertained 😉 ♥ ️ ♥ ️💯 Keep yourself and your family safe. "

Someone else said: amo I love you Kandi. You are the epitome of making it possible for you and yours! And you care about other people's feelings, so you can cry a dime when it comes to other people. You are all that and something else … hahaha. I LOVE YOU! & # 39;

One commenter wrote: ‘You are so inspiring that I love that you make me want to do more and more business ventures. Thank you for sharing, bless you and your family. I love your eyeshadow and your earrings, you look great! "


What do you think about Kandi's new online business?

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