K. Michelle is undergoing IVF treatment and is working with a doctor who specializes in designer babies to have her twins

K. Michelle Babies Boys And Girls

the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta The star, Kimberly Michelle, is going through a difficult period of her life, as the 34-year-old television personality has been experiencing problems with the in vitro fertilization process, due to the current pandemic coronavirus crisis.

The reality TV star's biggest wish was to have another child, and she went to Instagram to talk about her current problems.

The celebrity spoke about his problems in a message that was published on Wednesday and stated that going through IVF amid the Coronavirus pandemic was probably one of the most stressful things he had to face, before concluding with “At 11 p.m. . M. Today I will have gotten 8 times in the stomach. This is my LAST IVF cycle. ”

The interpreter for "The Rain,quot; also shared that she really wanted to have at least one little girl and explained that she and her partner, Kastan Sims, have not given up trying to produce "boy embryos."

Michelle elaborated further by saying that she had consulted with Dr. Hernández-Rey, a renowned specialist in the field of designer babies, and that she was able to choose the gender of her baby.

However, it seems that the mother of one is mentally prepared in case her plan fails, as she stated that she would be content to have two young children and be a "Mother of all children with three children."

She wrote: "LADIES: Going through IVF in the middle of the Coronavirus is probably one of the most stressful things I have had to deal with. By 11pm, today I will have gotten 8 times in my stomach. This is my LAST IVF cycle. Kastan and I continue to produce embryos as a boy. I am desperately praying for at least 1 girl. I am currently seeing Dr. Hernández-Rey, who specializes in designer babies and can help choose gender. "

She added: "If this doesn't work, I will have two young children, and I will be a mother to all children with three children. At this point, I am blessed in any way. Some women cannot have children, so I will not complain. My Uterus is also strong enough to carry, but I will still have a substitute for my mental health. I will finally make it this year. I take my time to do it the right way. I am grateful that all prayers continue to send them to God. He's listening. I never thought I'd be going through this in my 30s, but it's life, and I'm proud of myself for being strong on this journey. Happy ❤️ "

The vocalist, who welcomed her son, Chase Bowman, in 2004, admitted that she felt "blessed in any way," because "some women cannot have children at all, so I will not complain."


This statement is wise.

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