Justin Theroux wears a Britney Spears shirt to train with his dog

<pre><pre>Justin Theroux wears a Britney Spears shirt to train with his dog

In the list of excuses for not exercising, Justin TherouxThe dog is possibly the most adorable.

While fulfilling ongoing social distancing duties, the actor visited Instagram with a video of his training on Wednesday with a furry friend, his rescue pit bull, Kuma.

As she puts on a print T-shirt with a picture of Britney Spears, the star began to exercise, except that her dog did not like the idea as much. In the images shared on his Instagram story, fans could see Kuma distract his famous owner with licks and hugs as Theroux tried to do push-ups. At one point, Kuma even lay down under Theroux. We get it, Kuma: Workouts are not as fun as snuggling with a puppy.

"Great exercise. Thanks Kumz," Theroux joked in his Instagram story.

Kuma, whom Theroux adopted in 2018, has also dabbled in acting after landing a role on Disney + The Lady and the Tramp live action remake.

"Blink, you may miss her, but she's in the pound scene," shared the actor. Good morning america in October 2019.


"Hi guys, this is Kuma," the cub wrote, "to his fans on Instagram before the film's release.

"So … I am the LAST day of my dad and I working at @ladyandthetramp … this project and this Part (Pound dog # 1, which is temporary because bc @disneyplus promised me a real character name) of all Anyway, this part really took it off me (I'm a method, which I know has been hard on everyone, so thanks) but I'm SO excited to show you all my hard work. I'll take a week off to reconnect before I start the Push from the Oscar Slash Awards or whatever, blah, blah … so I might not be posting much. Peace and love to all my fans, without you it would be nothing. "



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