Judge Chrissy Teigen presides over the Quibi series – Deadline

<pre><pre>Judge Chrissy Teigen presides over the Quibi series - Deadline

Listen, listen … Chrissy's court You are now in session. The Honorable Chrissy Teigen is presiding. Hey, you read that right. Here's our first look at Quibi's next series of short forms, where Her Honor will judge Internet disputes.

In fact, cameras are allowed in this particular courtroom, so watch the trailer above.


Here is the logline for Chrissy's court: In each episode, Teigen reigns as the "judge" in a small claims case. Her mother-turned-bailiff, Pepper Thai, maintains order in the courtroom. Real people. Real cases AND real decisions, legally binding. If you thought that Chrissy Teigen could not become a real judge of the court, you have been annulled.

Judge Teigen has replaced Twitter as a kind of digital file. These are some of those cases that could provoke fist fights among law scholars in the coming decades:

Chrissy's court It is produced by Suit & Thai Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment. Teigen and Luke Dillon serve as executive producers. The show will be among the several dozen series available when Quibi launches on April 6.



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