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James Van Der Beek says his family is in the PJ Christmas phase

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James Van Der Beek could be on something.

Taking Instagram to show how the family of seven has held firm while distancing themselves socially, the Dawson's torrent Alum revealed that Van Der Beek's team is now in the "wearing Christmas pajamas,quot; phase.


"They have officially entered the Wear-Christmas-Pajamas-And-Project-Movies-On-The-Dining-Wall-Wall phase of #Quarantine," James shared, along with a sweet photo of himself, his wife. Kimberly Van Der Beek and her five children Olivia9 Joshua7 Annabel Leah5 Emilia, 4 and Gwendolyn, 21 months, resting together in their matching vacation pajamas.

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Concluding his post with a movie recommendation, he continued: "#StayHome and broadcast @pixaronward by the way … either I've gone crazy or it's my new favorite #Pixar movie. Or maybe both. Either way (thumbs up emojis) . "

At the beginning of the week, the Don't trust the B —- in apartment 23 Star shared that her little ones have also been kept busy building an epic fortress with pillows. "#SocialDistancing bar set," captioned a photo of Olivia and Joshua hanging above their masterpiece

In a heartfelt message to his Instagram followers, James encouraged fans to practice social distancing and reminded them that "we are all in this together."

"Take care of each other …" he wrote. "Whether that means staying, or communicating digitally with those who could use a company, or share what they have, or take only what they need. We're all in this together."

Even amid recent events, the father of five still made time to congratulate his wife for nine years on her birthday. "Happy birthday to my Goddess Queen," began her tribute. "Anyone who knows her knows how lucky I am to marry @vanderkimberly. Her wisdom, heart, vulnerability, and magic are things she shares with the world, along with her evil sense of humor, fire, and her own special brand of magic. I love you, darling, and I am amazed at you. You really are a gift to this planet, and I couldn't be happier to be hiding with you and all the little babies we made on your birthday. "

A day later, he celebrated his daughter Emilia's birthday with another sweet post. "Happy birthday to my other queen …" wrote James. "My little magical healer, who can play alone for hours, improvises a story that never ends, and somehow feels energetically like everyone's grandmother on her fourth birthday. You are a deep little soul, girl … I love it See you look at the world and I am SO grateful to be a part of your universe. "




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