Harvey Weinstein is "breathing on his own,quot; after COVID-19 diagnosis

Harvey Weinstein

As most Americans know, Harvey Weinstein was recently convicted and sent to prison for twenty-three years after he was slapped with a guilty verdict regarding his rape and sexual assault case in Manhattan.

Weinstein was sent to Riker’s Island before being sent to an alternative prison. As fate would have it, Weinstein contracted the coronavirus while in prison. Several posts revealed that the film's former tycoon contracted the disease earlier this week.

Page Six, who spoke to a source, said that after Harvey contracted COVID-19, he has been "breathing on his own," but has shown no symptoms of the disease. As the world knows, Harvey is particularly susceptible to COVID-19 due to his age, as well as his pre-existing conditions.

Harvey is currently at the Wende Correctional Facility in New York State, near Buffalo. The 68-year-old former producer tested positive for the coronavirus on Saturday. An official speaking to the New York Post confirmed that Harvey was believed to have contracted COVID-19 while on Riker’s Island.

As noted above, Harvey is currently serving a 23-year sentence for raping an actress and sexually assaulting a production assistant. The former Hollywood mainstay was convicted of the charges last month.

He was evaluated by medical professionals at Bellevue Hospital after he developed a dry cough, one of the telltale signs of the coronavirus in addition to other flu symptoms such as fever. However, after his March 11 sentence, he was initially tested for the virus and the results were negative.

But once he was sent to Rikers last Monday, he was quarantined for a few days before finally being sent to Wende. In other words, he is believed to have detected the bug in Rikers.


Many people on social media, including Rose McGowan, one of the women who accused him of rape in the late 1990s, were clearly pleased with the former producer's status along with his guilty verdict issued earlier this month. You can see what she had to say for the former Miramax executive in the previous tweet.

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