Hannah Brown just won game night with this bridal shower greeting

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Hannah brown I just played the best hand in Cards Against Humanity.

the Bachelorette party star, who currently spends time in Florida with Tyler Cameron And her friends shared a fun Instagram post on Wednesday night from their game night. From the photo, posted on her Instagram story, you can see that Hannah had to complete the sentence, "During sex, I like to think of …"

In response, Hannah played a card that said, "High school end of season."

For those who might have missed Hannah Bachelorette party season last year, at the end of the season, the Alabama native chose contestant Jed Wyatt about runner-up Tyler. But, after committing to Jed, Hannah would suspend him for a relationship he was rumored to have before coming to the show. So as you can imagine, Hannah doesn't really want to think about the end of the season.

As he wrote in his Instagram Story caption, "Yes, no."

The reality star has reconnected with Tyler, and celebrities have been fueling romance rumors for the past few weeks as they spend time together in their hometown.

As for Hannah and Tyler's current relationship, a source recently told E! News, "There is a definite chemistry between Hannah and Tyler, but they are not dating.

"Both have expressed that they are not in a position to leave at the moment, but they care for each other," the source added. "They've both been through a lot recently and are supporting each other."


Hannah has been there to support Tyler in the past month, especially after her mother's sudden death, Andrea Cameron.

"Tyler has definitely leaned on Hannah and it feels very comforting to have her around," the source said. "Hannah gets along well with Tyler's family and friends and everyone loves her."

Since arriving in Florida, Tyler and Hannah have posted several videos together, adding more romantic speculation. However, the duo have yet to officially speak out about the status of their relationship.



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