Hanlon Talent Agency SAG-AFTRA Yanks Franchise – Deadline

<pre><pre>Hanlon Talent Agency SAG-AFTRA Yanks Franchise - Deadline

SAG-AFTRA has terminated the Hanlon Talent Agency franchise agreement and has told its members that they cannot "commit, use or negotiate through this agency."

Hanlon Talent Agency

Run by Courtney Hanlon, the Los Angeles-based agency, which mostly represented commercial actors, it seems like it's no longer in business, not that there are so many businesses in the city anyway. It seems that your phone has been disconnected and your website is not working.


"All contracts in force between this agency and the members of SAG-AFTRA are ipso facto and without prior notice, except that the agency may withhold and collect any commission obtained under said contracts prior to the delivery of the franchise," says the labor union. "Members shall not be required to pay commissions to the agent on monies earned by members after the termination of agency contracts, even though such members are earned by existing employment contracts on the termination date of the agency contracts. "



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