Half a million infected worldwide as deaths increase – live updates | News

<pre><pre>Half a million infected worldwide as deaths increase - live updates | News

The United States now has more cases of coronavirus than any other country with about 84,000, according to Johns Hopkins University, bringing the worldwide total to more than 526,000 as the number of deaths approaches 24,000 as of early friday.

There were more than 81,700 known cases in China and 80,500 in Italy.

More than 122,000 people worldwide have recovered from COVID-19, while more than 23,700 people have died.

Italy reported the highest number of deaths with more than 8,200 deaths.


In India, where the 1.3 billion people in the country were ordered to stay home, legions of the poor were suddenly expelled from work and many families were left struggling for something to eat.

Here are the latest updates:

Friday March 27

00:56 GMT – Study: Coronavirus could kill more than 81,000 in the US USA

The coronavirus pandemic could kill more than 81,000 people in the United States in the next four months and cannot decrease until June, according to a data analysis by the University of Washington School of Medicine.

The number of hospitalized patients is expected to increase nationally in the second week of April, although the peak may come later in some states. According to the analysis, some people could continue to die from the virus in late July, though deaths should be below epidemic levels of 10 per day in June.

The analysis, using data from governments, hospitals and other sources, predicts that the number of deaths in the US USA It could vary widely, from about 38,000 to about 162,000.

00:38 GMT – 3.3 million Americans apply for unemployment

Nearly 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, nearly five times the previous record set in 1982, amid a widespread economic shutdown caused by the coronavirus, according to the Associated Press news agency.

The increase in weekly applications was a surprising reflection of the damage that the viral outbreak is causing in the economy. Unemployment aid applications generally reflect the pace of layoffs.

As job loss increases, some economists say the nation's unemployment rate could approach 13 percent by May. In comparison, the highest unemployment rate during the Great Recession, which ended in 2009, was 10 percent.

00:25 GMT – China reports 54 new imported cases, five new deaths in Wuhan

The Chinese National Health Commission reported at least 54 new imported coronavirus cases on Friday at the end of March 26, slightly less than the 67 cases the previous day.

The health agency also reported five new deaths with no new cases in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. Nationally, the death toll reached 3,292 at the end of Thursday.

Late Thursday, Beijing announced a temporary ban on foreigners arriving in the country with some exceptions, including diplomats.

23:27 GMT Thursday – Brazil's governors press Bolsonaro to get more coronavirus support

Brazil's governors pressured President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday to garner more federal support in the battle of the coronavirus after he criticized them as job killers and undermined their orders with a decree that kept churches open at the request of evangelical preachers, it reported. the Associated Press news agency.

In a public letter, the governors of Brazil argued that the federal government had not done enough to finance the fight against the virus that has infected approximately half a million people worldwide.

Bolsonaro has increasingly echoed the opinion of United States President Donald Trump that jobs should take precedence over restrictive measures to stem the outbreak, as suggested by global health experts.

"Tourism has plummeted to zero," he said in a Facebook Live broadcast Thursday night. "Nothing works. This wave of panic and hysteria is bigger than the virus itself."

22:00 GMT Thursday – United States beats Italy and China in number of virus cases

Confirmed cases of coronavirus in the US USA They reached 83,500 late on Thursday, more than in any other country, beating Italy and China, the Johns Hopkins University count showed.

China had 81,782 cases and Italy had 80,589 cases.

I am Ted Regency in Kuala Lumpur with Al Jazeera's continued coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

Read all the updates from yesterday (March 26) here.



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