Google's new Pixel Buds could hit spring release date as they may have hit the FCC

<pre><pre>Google's new Pixel Buds could hit spring release date as they may have hit the FCC

Google's second-generation Pixel Buds may have appeared in the files of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), indicating that the company's new true wireless headsets could make it to its spring launch window (via 9to5Google)

Two new Google FCC documents for wireless headsets appeared yesterday. Presentations have two different model numbers, G1007 and G1008, possibly correlated with one presentation for each handset. The submissions do not specifically indicate that these are the new Pixel Buds, and a product appearing on the FCC is not always confirmation that it will be imminently released. But given that Google has said the new Pixel Buds will be out sometime in the spring, it seems likely that yesterday's introductions will be for the new headphones.

Google says new Pixel Buds will have hands-free access to Google Assistant, passive noise cancellation, five hours of battery life on one charge, 24 hours of battery life with the case, and long-range Bluetooth that you can apparently Stay connected to your phone from up to three rooms away. They will cost $ 179.

My colleague Nilay Patel held and used the new Pixel Buds shortly after they were announced, but the ones he tested still didn't work, making it unclear how good they will sound or if they will deliver on Google's promises.

We're also still waiting for Microsoft's $ 249 Surface Earbuds, which were also first announced last October, but then delayed until this spring. Both Google and Microsoft will face fierce competition from Apple's popular AirPods and AirPods Pro, Samsung's new Galaxy Buds Plus, and other true wireless headphones.


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