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<pre><pre>Hardly anyone is buying Samsung's new Galaxy S20, according to Korean media - BGR
  • Samsung's Galaxy S20 lineup has seen disappointing sales so far, in part as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic that has forced millions of people to quarantine their homes and businesses to temporarily shut down.
  • It's the kind of situation that doesn't exactly lead to smartphone purchases, and, in fact, the industry recently saw its biggest monthly decline in smartphone shipments in history.
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We are already on the record for ranking the Galaxy S20 as one of the best Android phones to come out during the first half of this year, and that's thanks to everything from its great design to major hardware upgrades, including a new camera and 5G connectivity And while at launch the cheapest S20 variant would have cost it $ 999, Samsung has held on to its previous precedence and lowered the price of the S20 line as the company tends to do for its Galaxy S phones little after launch.

Unfortunately, even with retailers like Best Buy and Amazon offering a $ 200 price cut, all of the above still doesn't seem to have depleted Galaxy S20 sales to the point that they can be considered more than just a disappointment. According to analysts, the Galaxy S20 has only managed to reach 60% of the sales achieved by the Galaxy S10 line during the same period last year.

Samsung officials He participated on a private conference call with industry analysts in recent days, hoping to convince them that their business is not in any particular trouble due to the crash, or due to the macro conditions responsible for it. Namely, the coronavirus pandemic that forced governments to institute worldwide shutdowns and quarantines, which are conditions that are not precisely conducive to buying a new and expensive smartphone.

To get an idea of ​​the types of deals that have been offered for the S20 in the past few days, the best deal can be found on Amazon, directly from Samsung, including an unlocked 128GB Galaxy S20, for $ 799.99. A separate offer from Amazon includes that same phone with Galaxy Buds and Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad for $ 973.

However, despite such agreements, the problem of lack of demand is much greater than Samsung. In fact, the global coronavirus pandemic recently inspired the largest decline in monthly smartphone shipments in history, with February totals showing a 38% drop in shipments year-over-year, according to Strategy analytics.

During a visit to Samsung's home screen manufacturing facility in recent days, The Korea Times He reported that Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Jae-yong stated, "Unexpected internal and external variables are putting pressure on Samsung, but we must not stop."

These are "corporate fundamentals,quot; at this time, the report continued. However, Samsung, as well as LG, now have to deal with the closure of their smartphone and home appliance plants in India, where measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus have become more aggressive in recent days.

Samsung's Indian plant is one of its largest smartphone manufacturing facilities because it can produce up to 120 million phones a year.

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