FedEx Worker Shares "Reflective,quot; Attention Package for Delivery Drivers – Up News Info Detroit

<pre><pre>FedEx Worker Shares "Reflective" Attention Package for Delivery Drivers - CBS Detroit
GLENDALE, Arizona (Up News Info Local) – FedEx workers are often the ones who drop packages on our porches, so it was a surprise when a driver found a courier box on a front porch in Glendale, Arizona.

The cardboard package left for the delivery drivers by UPS, FedEx, USPS and Amazon was filled with bottles of water, Gatorade, soup cans, and toilet paper rolls.

The demand for delivery services has increased dramatically as the coronavirus pandemic keeps many Americans confined to their homes. Amazon says it is hiring an additional 100,000 warehouse and delivery workers just to keep up.

Thank you for committing yourself to the human race, we depend on you! Take whatever you want! Spread love! Stronger TOGETHER, ”wrote the owner on the box.

A side note mentioned that all items were "all sanitized,quot;.

FedEx driver Tadashi Andrews of nearby Buckeye, Arizona posted his thanks for the kind gesture on Instagram.

“I deliver to so many kinds of places every day. Businesses, houses, apartments, hospitals, whatever, I'll turn it in, "he wrote." This house I just left had this box on the porch. Very thoughtful. Very loving. At a time when people are panicking and Hoarding everything without good reason, these people are giving it away voluntarily. We need sooo much more of this. Please, if you see this, share it. Everyone needs to see this. "

Finally, Andrews says that he did not indulge in the goodies left behind by the good Samaritans.

"I didn't need anything, so I didn't take anything. This is how we should be, too," he wrote.



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