Fantasy Football Ranking 2020: QB

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Tom Brady is a Buccaneer, Kyler Murray and Josh Allen have new weapons to throw (Murray more than Allen), and Jarrett Stidham finally has a chance to shine! OK, that last one isn't all that important, but the opening of the NFL free agency period saw some major signings and changes that rocked the 2020 fantasy football quarterback ranking. Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, and Russell Wilson they held firm at the top, but the movement started early and saw some new sleepers populate the middle and lower levels.


Murray was ahead of Deshaun Watson after the Cardinals acquired DeAndre Hopkins from the Texans. Many owners will put Murray ahead of Wilson, but we're still giving the veteran the benefit of the doubt, who has shown that he can contribute numbers regardless of supporting cast. We see Watson the same way, so he only dropped one spot from our initial offseason standings, but there's a case for moving Allen ahead of him after the Bills acquired Stefon Diggs. Either way, once you get past Jackson and Mahomes, the next level of QB, at least through No. 7 Dak Prescott, is packed with similar guys who can score points with their legs in addition to their arms.

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The next level of QB, pocket veterans, remains largely unchanged, apart from the addition of Brady. We weren't very good to him before, but now that he's on a team with some of the best passers in the NFL, he really could put up numbers. He is likely to be drafted ahead of some of the other veterans, but for now, we see him within the top 12 due to his age and immobility.

Many will rank Ryan Tannehill higher than where we have him after his resurgent 2019, but with low volume and a reliance on big plays, his margin for error is slim. The boys in front of him also have much better weapons, but once you're at the backup level, anything goes during the draft. Some owners may jump on Daniel Jones or Joe Burrow, thinking they are getting this year's "Lamar," so ratings only matter a lot.

With the Chargers apparently happy with Tyrod Taylor as their starter (we'll see if that continues after the draft), he becomes a sneaky sleeper. He is a solid runner and has all kinds of weapons around him. If he's really expected to be under the Bolts' center for Week 1 next season, he's another guy who will likely move up the rankings. New Panthers starter Teddy Bridgewater could also generate more interest, but it's probably not as exciting as young gunmen like Gardner Minshew or Drew Lock, who could increase depending on what their teams do in the draft.

Overall, the 2020 QB rankings are stacked, and there are several exciting rookies (Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, Jordan Love) that could shake things up even more if they're in positions to start in Week 1. The former fantasy studs Cam Newton and Jameis Winston are also still in the free agent market, so you know this list will change many times before the season starts. We will update it after any major move, so check back for the latest.

2020 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

Ratings based on four-point pass touchdown formats

Rank Player
1 Lamar Jackson, Ravens
two Patrick Mahomes, bosses
3 Russell Wilson, Seahawks
4 4 Kyler Murray, Cardinals
5 5 Deshaun Watson, Texans
6 6 Josh Allen, Bills
7 7 Dak Prescott, Jeans
8 Matt Ryan, Falcons
9 9 Carson Wentz, Eagles
10 Drew Brees, Santos
eleven Aaron Rodgers, Packers
12 Tom Brady, Buccaneers
13 Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers
14 Baker Mayfield, browns
fifteen Jared Goff, Rams
sixteen Matthew Stafford, lions
17 Joe Burrow, TBD (probably Bengals)
18 years Daniel Jones, Giants
19 Ryan Tannehill, Titans
twenty Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers
twenty-one Tyrod Taylor, Chargers
22 Philip Rivers, Colts
2. 3 Kirk Cousins, Vikings
24 Derek Carr, Raiders
25 Teddy Bridgewater, Panthers
26 Gardner Minshew, Jaguars
27 Sam Darnold, Jets
28 Drew Lock, Broncos
29 Ryan Fitzpatrick, dolphins
30 Dwayne Haskins, Redskins
31 Nick Foles, Bears
32 Jarrett Stidham, Patriots



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