Extra food and no oral sex: what happened to the prison situation

<pre><pre>Extra food and no oral sex: what happened to the prison situation

Uncle boy He came through. Family vacation on the Jersey shore star Mike "The Situation,quot; Sorrentino They spent months in prison, and they could have been pretty bad if it hadn't been for Uncle Nino.

"From the first day I entered the jail, there was a possibility that people would not have liked it. But from the day I entered, people helped me. And I have to thank Uncle Nino for spreading the word. me, "Mike says in a confessional in the next exclusive look.


While the names are being heard, Mike tells his uncle that he helped him when he was in prison.

"They sat me down and I tell you, they told me to tell you: 'Tell Uncle Nino that we take care of you. We hear you say the word and we take care of you,'" she says to him. .

According to Mike, there was not a day when he was locked up where he did not have good food or twice the amount assigned.

"Listen, the whole experience, it wasn't fun at any particular time, but I appreciate you spreading the word," Mike tells Uncle Nino.

And even though Uncle Nino claims oral sex doesn't count in prison, Mike said none of that happened. "There was no giving or receiving," says Mike.

Mike was eight months in prison for tax evasion. During his time away, his Jersey Shore Costars visited him and sought out his wife Lauren Pesce.

"I have friends who are family members, that's fine," she says crying. "And that's the most important,quot;.

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