Exclusive: Rakul Preet Singh talks about his routine during the running of the bulls

<pre><pre>Exclusive: Rakul Preet Singh talks about his routine during the running of the bulls

The world has stopped. Social distancing is a mandate that everyone follows and with the government-imposed 21-day blockade, everyone is giving up on things that they had been suspending for a while. From exercising at home to learning to cook, everyone has found a hobby for the quarantine period.

Speaking of her time away from work, the charming Rakul Preet Singh chatted with Filmfare about her routine these days. You are taking this time to work on your mental health, while also spending your time on some fun hobbies.


Speaking of his days at home, during the confinement, Rakul shared: "I just realized that this is the longest rest I have had in my life so far, the longest phase of doing nothing. But actually I am pretty good with that and I think people should see its positive side. "

Also, Rakul says, "I don't know where my day will go. Honestly, there is a lot to do and I always thought I would do it whenever I had time. From reading to watching so much content that's out there. So I've been enjoying doing that. Nothing has really changed in my routine.

Rakul shares explaining his routine in detail: "I train in the morning, then I do yoga. I added a bit of yoga stretching and meditation to my routine now that I have time. Then I read my scripts and books. And then of course there is a lot of content to be seen.I have my younger brother with me. We play games together. This is how my whole day goes. "

As she does so, she is discovering new facets for her and some interesting skills as well. "I've tried cooking. I make a lot of French toast with peanut butter, dark chocolate, and whipped cream one day. The day before, I made gluten free pancakes. So I'm doing things that I always wanted to do but didn't have time. "That's awesome!

She firmly believes in seeing the positive side of all this situation in today's world. As we are having it easier than our ancestors. Rakul says: "I think we all need to see the positive side of this situation. Our parents and grandparents have seen the worst moments. Our parents had seen the riots and our grandparents had seen the world war and partition. And they have had to run through their lives. While we are asked to save our lives just by staying home amidst all the luxuries we have: a shelter, home, food, the Internet that still connects people. It really doesn't seem like you are not meeting those They are closed. I think just staying home is the least we can do to fight the virus and we have to look at it positively. "

Rakul Preet Singh

She highlights the fact that this blockade is proving to be beneficial to nature and there is a chain message that we must all take. "II love the sound of the birds I hear now. Videos of dolphins seen near Marine Drive and deer on the Tirumala road in Tirupathi.

I think it's a sign that all of these animals are yelling at us and saying, 'Guys, we have to co-exist. It is not that the human race is superior. But it is for us to live happily together, worldwide. "

And she says this is a perfect time to strengthen your ties to your loved ones. She says, "I really hope that people will take this as a message after the closing is over. And stay positive, guys. We've always been upset that we don't have time. But now that we have it, please mostly with your family, your spouse. Learn what you like, make memories with each other. "

Hoping for the best in the future, Rakul concludes by saying, "I really hope we never have a lock like this again. We will never return this time and hope we don't do it this way." Let us make resolutions that we have never completed. Take them now because time is not a restriction. And in the end, become a better version of yourself. "

Very well said, Rakul! Every word worth taking note of …

Rakul Preet Singh



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