Enrique Iglesias and his laughing son will make you smile

<pre><pre>Enrique Iglesias and his laughing son will make you smile

Attention to each and every Hollywood celebrity: your children's videos never cease to brighten our day.

Thursday morning, Enrique Iglesias He decided to surprise his fans with a rare video of his growing two-year-old son. What came next was a precious father-son moment that will instantly make you smile.


"The best way to spend time at home," the singer captioned in the video post. "#laugh and #love,quot;.

In the clip, Enrique's son Nicholas Iglesias He can't stop laughing as he tries to play hide and seek.

"Where are you Coco?" Enrique asked when his son repeated "Dad,quot; and tried to hide under the blanket. Awww!

The sincere moment comes when millions of Americans continue to spend time at home amid the Coronavirus. And yes, children also stay indoors after schools across the country close their doors. Enrique recently addressed the global pandemic in an Instagram post earlier in the week.

"We are going through difficult times and this emergency has affected many people, including my family," he shared online. "Let's stay home and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Sending a lot of love and strength."

Like many artists today, Enrique hopes that the Coronavirus will disappear sooner rather than later. In fact, fans expect him to co-head the arena tour with Ricky Martin It will not be affected.

The shows, which are scheduled to start on September 5, will feature special guests. Sebastian Yatra. As for whether or not some kids will be around, only time will tell.

"Obviously you write and think about them many times, but I don't think my music has changed that much since the birth of my children," he previously shared with E! News & # 39; Erin lim.

Ultimately, parenthood has had a huge impact on Enrique on and off stage. During an appearance on ITV, the proud father explained how life has changed with three children.

"It is one of the best feelings in the world," he explained. "I drive slower. I think about stupid things a few more times before I do them … I hope to be a calm and quiet parent."



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