E-commerce: E-commerce companies temporarily stop taking orders for non-essential items – Latest news

<pre><pre>E-commerce: E-commerce companies temporarily stop taking orders for non-essential items - Latest news
Ecommerce companies Paytm Mall, Amazon and Flipkart have temporarily stopped receiving non-essential items orders due to restrictions imposed during the national blockade to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

On Wednesday, the companies complained that their delivery personnel were punished by local police despite government orders to exempt them from the closure restrictions.

"Paytm Mall has decided to help users purchase essential products, including household staples, health care, hygiene, and personal safety products on its platform. The company will not temporarily accept any new orders for products that fall on the non-essential categories such as fashion, mobile devices, and accessories, appliances and electronic products, among others, "Paytm Mall said in a statement.

The company said it is working closely with government officials and logistics partners to ensure ease of delivery and prompt service.

"Paytm Mall is proactively talking to a number of new providers in the country who can immediately provide hand sanitizers, preventive Ayurvedic medications, as well as other products that help combat the spread of the coronavirus," the company said.

Amazon India on its website said that pending deliveries of orders will be delayed in the current situation of extensive blockages and movement restrictions.

"New orders are available only on essential products through prepaid payment methods. We are continually evaluating the situation and working to resume deliveries soon," said Amazon India.

Meanwhile, Flipkart also resumed grocery delivery.

"We are prioritizing grocery orders and working to deliver them to you as soon as we can. Orders for other items are temporarily unavailable, but we are working hard to get everything back on track," Flipkart said in a message on its website. .



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