Dua Lipa's new music video for Break My Heart will make you dance

<pre><pre>Dua Lipa's new music video for Break My Heart will make you dance

Dua Lipa it's here to refresh your playlist.

On Thursday, the 24-year-old singer released the music video for her new single "Break My Heart,quot; before the release of her album. Future nostalgia the 27th of March. In the video, Dua takes viewers on a roller coaster of emotions as she travels through the ups and downs of a tumultuous relationship. And like their previous singles "Don't Start Now,quot; and "Physical," the song, which details reservations about falling in love with someone despite knowing they might go south, offers an inspiring dance rhythm for inspiration. retro.


Starting things off in a lively city, the "New Rules,quot; singer makes her way through a crowded street as she makes her way through cars caught in traffic. Each passenger shows phases of a relationship, starting with one couple kissing and another arguing later.

Then, Dua finds herself walking into her vibrant futuristic apartment and tries to show her distant lover affection.

When he rejects her advances, her world begins to spin and she turns away from him. Her apartment becomes a ship that is beginning to sink, which means that their relationship has worsened.

Now in a fancy neon-lit club, Dua walks around the tables to see other couples engaging in a similar fight before jumping into the cheery chorus of the song.

"I would have stayed at home," he sings from the club's dance floor. "Because I was better alone. But when you said 'Hello' / I knew it was the end of everything / I should have stayed home / Because now I can't let you go / I'm falling in love with the one who could break my heart ?

Combining vintage feel with the sound of the runway, Dua showed off her exceptional taste in fashion with eccentric and custom skirt sets that channel 80s fashion. In a pink blazer and matching skirt, the singer from " IDGAF "is now on a plane that is experiencing some major turbulence.

"Spotlight," he sings before waking up from an overnight adventure. "You know you can get what you want from me / Whenever you want it, baby / It's you in my reflection / I'm afraid of all the things you can do to me / If I had known, baby."

Watch Dua relive a love that went wrong in the "Break My Heart,quot; music video shown above!



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