Deshaun Watson's cryptic tweets inspire fan-rumors about a Texans' departure

<pre><pre>Deshaun Watson's cryptic tweets inspire fan-rumors about a Texans' departure

The Texans recently sent star catcher DeAndre Hopkins in an exchange that was so bad it didn't even happen at Madden.

Hopkins' departure, and the circumstances behind it, have led many to speculate on quarterback Deshaun Watson. He is easily one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, but he plays on a team that has just traded its best receiver for less than market value. So what does Watson's future hold for us?

Well, if you've read any of the responses to his tweets this month, you'd think he'll be playing with the Patriots soon. Or at least a team other than Texans. While most of the responses are fun, Watson hasn't done himself any favors by constantly tweeting cryptic song lyrics to fan the flames.

This all started with the lyrics to a Drake song titled "Emotionless,quot;.

49ers, Vikings take advantage of new teams

On the surface, Watson is only tweeting song lyrics. But considering everything that happened to Texans this month, it's hard not to read this. Especially when Watson began to like the tweets that made reference to going to New England.

Watson continued to tweet the song lyrics later in the week. The next one is "Wassup,quot; by Lil Uzi Vert.

Another lyrical tweet from Watson's cryptic song was a slightly altered lyrics from YFN Lucci's "Destined,quot;.

Fans start Deshaun Watson to rumors of Patriots

Naturally, in response to Watson's tweets about the song lyrics, fans flooded the responses with Patriots propaganda.

Despite all the wishes of Patriots fans, Deshaun Watson's contract makes it difficult for him to leave Houston soon. He's still under contract until 2020, and Texans have a team option for 2021 that they would definitely exercise. Houston could also do what Pittsburgh did with Le & # 39; Veon Bell and the Watson franchise tag for a few years if it really boils down to that.

The only logical way Watson leaves Texans is if they change him. Generally, I'd say it would be unrealistic for a team to trade in their star franchise quarterback, but the Texans gifted Hopkins, so there seems to be something on the table right now. I guess we'll have to wait and see what comes next.



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