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Da Brat gets excited after thanking her boo for surprising her with a new car for her birthday

Da Brat thanks her boo BB Judy for buying her a new car for her birthday after Judy revealed the surprise to her followers the day before.

Da Brat's birthday is just around the corner, and her boo Jesseca "Da Real BB Judy,quot; Dupart surprised her with a new Bentley to move the birthday celebration forward.

On Wednesday night, Jesseca went to social media to show the special moment in which he surprised Da Brat with the car and said: “This video was taken 3 • 16… His birthday is 4 • 14 but, by the way, the things were going and my emotion I couldn't wait. HATE ACCEPT ANY GIFTS FROM ME, THAT'S WHAT SHE WAS RUNNING. But she deserves the WORLD and much more. "

In the video, Da Brat is super surprised to see the car that was revealed to her.

On Thursday morning, Da Brat turned to her social media to show her reaction once she sat inside the car.

In the video, she He can be seen crying tears of joy from surprise. Da brat said"I've always been a kind of private person until I met my partner who handles some things differently than mine. Thank you baby @darealbbjudy for so much more than this amazing birthday present. I've never experienced this feeling. It's so overwhelming. that I often find myself stunned in the hope that I will never be pinched to see if it is real so I can live in this dream forever. "

For some time it has been rumored that the two had been a couple. However, things became official on Instagram on Wednesday night when Judy confirmed the status of their relationship.

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