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<pre><pre>Coronavirus in Minnesota: Victoria Elementary teachers organize a "car parade" for students - WCCO
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MINNEAPOLIS (Up News Info) – Whether they admit it or not, there are a lot of children missing school right now. Ann Frischmann, a member of the Parent Teacher Organization, knows this first hand.

"The children who every day said:" I don't want to go to school ", now say:" Why can't we go to school? Frischmann said.

It is a difficult lesson for any child to learn, which is why the staff and members of the PTO at Victoria Elementary School decided to do something about it. Ashley Erickson is a member of the PTO.

"I think we have 35 teachers who showed up on their spring break to introduce themselves to the kids," said Erickson.

WATCH: Mankato teachers create student car parade

And appear they did. They were teachers on parade. For miles they toured neighborhoods where children, signs, and sidewalk chalk greeted them. They led by families who practiced social distancing while preparing for distance learning.

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It is the closest that students will reach their teachers for several weeks. So for Thursday, grades and class work don't matter as much as seeing a smiling, familiar face. One of those familiar faces was Administrative Dean Peter Morse.

"Every morning we are at the door saying hello to the children as they enter. It's just another way to keep doing that. Simply doing that by bringing our greeting home," Morse said.

The mother, Tracy Rothstein, says the experience has fueled her appreciation for teachers.

"We miss them very much, and none of us are eager to be our own home school parents right now," said Rothstein.

His fellow father Krista Skrtic supports that sentiment.

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“I know that teachers work hard. I think I will have a new appreciation for what teachers do every day, "said Skrtic.

Until they meet again, they will leave with optimism. And so the whole school gets an "A,quot;.

“Children are the reason why we do this. The reason we show up every morning, "said Morse.

Like many Minnesota schools, Victoria Elementary teachers told Up News Info that they hope everyone can return to the classroom in May.


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