Cinematographers Guild offers help and assistance with paying dues during coronavirus closure – Deadline

<pre><pre>Cinematographers Guild offers help and assistance with paying dues during coronavirus closure - Deadline

The International Cinematographers Guild is granting 100% fee relief to all its members for the second quarter fee payment, effective April 1, and has allocated $ 500,000 to its Hardship Fund to provide $ 1,000 grants to members in need who lost their jobs due to the closure of the coronavirus industry.

"By uniting, we will get through this together," the guild told its members.


Many of the other Hollywood guilds and unions are also giving help and assistance to their members, or are considering doing so, more on that below, but none as generously as the Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 600.


The union's national executive board, which met Wednesday in a special session via video conference, "overwhelmingly supported a series of proposals to provide quota relief and financial assistance to members while ensuring that we can continue to operate during and after closure, "the guild said in a message to its members. “We have focused on the second quarter, but we recognize that more actions may be necessary to maintain our members and our Local. Budgetary adjustments were also made to maintain financial stability. "

These are the steps the union says it is taking "to help members through this unprecedented crisis":

• A 100% exemption from fees for the second quarter that runs from April to June. The union noted that the April 1 installment bills will not go out, and advised that members who use automatic payment through their banks to pay the installments should contact their banks directly to suspend their April installment payment.
• A deferral of all installment payment plan obligations, initiation fees, or evaluations during the second quarter from April to June. Payment plans would resume in July.
• Members who want to can contribute money they would have paid to the Local 600 Hardship Fund for those in greatest need. We are in the process of setting up a link and will inform you when it becomes active.
• An allocation of $ 500,000 to the Local 600 Hardship Fund to provide grants of up to $ 1,000 to Local 600 members who need it, based on lost work, financial need, and good reputation. The Fund is administered through the Actors Fund.
• A change in Local 600's Investment Policy to allow Local to quickly access the cash resources it needs to support our Local's members and ability to survive this crisis.
• Postponement of the 2020 Local 600 General Members Meeting until an in-person meeting is possible, or a method for electronically holding is identified and changes to the Constitution and Bylaws necessary to do so are approved.
• Scheduling of electronic regional meetings attended by national executive officers and senior staff.

Here is a summary of the dues relief that the other Hollywood guilds and unions are providing their members:

the Producers Guild of America it is granting a three-month extension to members who cannot pay their dues due to closure. "During this period, late fees will not accrue, no penalties will be applied, and benefits will continue normally," the union told its members last week.

the DGA He said last night that he is offering "indulgence" for members who cannot pay their dues, but urged those who "are fortunate enough to be able to pay their dues at this time, please do so. That money is going to help operate our Guild to that we can continue to protect you during this pandemic. But then again, if you're in trouble and can't pay right now, there is leniency. "

SAG-AFTRA It is also considering a reduction in quotas. Under the new emergency protocols, the union's executive committee has been authorized "to establish a program to alleviate dues, late payment charges and other related matters." However, quota relief has yet to be announced.

IATSE Grips Local 80 has reduced its members' dues by 50%. "All members who owe full and minimum dues for the second quarter of 2020 will have their dues obligation reduced by 50%," local business manager Thom Davis recently told members. "Members who have paid their financial obligations for the second quarter of 2020 before the date of approval of this motion will receive a credit equal to said 50% for any future financial obligation."

IATSE Clients Local 705 It says, "Second quarter dues will be cut in half for our members." The second quarter begins April 1.

AFM Local 47, the Los Angeles musicians union, approved "a moratorium on late fees and fines for work fees," but President John Acosta told members that "due to statute restrictions, we are seeking guidance from the lawyer and the AFM about our ability to extend the Up News Info for the payment of membership fees. "

Guild of makeup artists and hairdressersIATSE Local 706 is also giving its members a break from dues. "Your local union's 30-day grace period is in full effect, and will be re-examined 30, 60 and 90 days from the end of next month," Randy Sayer, representative, told members. commercial premises. Recently. "Your local union" will forgive a lot … "once the restrictions are lifted and productions return / work becomes abundant in the state, but these precautions and guidelines will probably be in place longer than we now expect."

On the closure of the coronavirus, Sayer told its members: “The past week has been different from any week in the history of the United States, certainly in our lives; Our society as we know it has been overturned. This is September 11th, the Writers Guild Strike of 2008, the Flu Epidemic of 1918, and the Polio Epidemic of the 1940s, all in one crisis. However, we will overcome it, we will overcome it TOGETHER ”.



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