Britney Spears claims to be the world's fastest sprinter in a new Instagram post

Britney Spears Claims To Be The World's Fastest Sprinter In New Instagram Post

Britney Spears' recent social media activity has provided unique content that has left fans scratching their heads, but her most recent Instagram post could be the most puzzling. On March 25, Spears claimed that he ran a 100-meter race faster than world record holder Usain Bolt.

Spears posted a screenshot from his iPhone's stopwatch app that said "5.97 seconds,quot; and wrote in the caption: "I made my first 5 !!!! Overcoming your fear of pressing it at first is key … Once I did that, I hit 5! The singer wrote, “Normally I run 6 or 7… my first attempt was 9… and now I did whoop !!!!! 100 meters of running! !!!! ”

the Toxic The singer's brother-in-law, Jamie Watson, noted how absurd the claim was when he commented: "It is a shame that the Olympics are canceled." You could hang 4 seconds from everyone. "

Bolt set the world record for the 100-meter race in August 2009 at the World Championship in Berlin when he completed the race in 9.58 seconds. At that time, the Jamaican native broke his own previous records he had set in 2008, 9.69 seconds and 9.72 seconds.

On the women's side, US Olympian Florence Griffith Joyner (aka "Flo-Jo,quot;) holds the record she set in 1988 in 10.49 seconds. Joyner was, and remains after her death, considered the fastest woman of all time.

In addition to setting world records, Spears has spent her time at home during quarantine with her boyfriend Sam Asghari. The 38-year-old woman and her personal trainer boyfriend have been working together, and she has been dancing in the backyard.

Spears has been on a break from work for over a year after canceling her planned residency in Las Vegas. Britney: domination.

"Dance is Britney's creative outlet. Not only does it help her stay in shape, but it is also a form of therapy and clears her mind," said a source. We weekly. "He may stop making music at some point, but he will never stop dancing, whether it's on stage in front of 25,000 people or just in his backyard."

Earlier this week, Britney Spears, who is worth about $ 59 million, supported a socialist message when she told her online fans that they should "redistribute wealth,quot; and "attack,quot; during the COVID-19 quarantine.


Spears also participated in the #DoYourPartChallenge and told fans to send her by DM if they needed help buying food and supplies.

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