Bournemouth goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale says it would be & # 39; cruel & # 39; finish the season now | Football news

<pre><pre>Bournemouth goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale says it would be & # 39; cruel & # 39; finish the season now | Football news

Last Updated: 03/26/20 5:09 pm

Aaron Ramsdale wants the season to continue

Bournemouth goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale says it would be "cruel,quot; and "enormously unfair,quot; if the season ended now and left the Premier League table as it is.


That would see Liverpool crowned champion, but it's much tighter at the bottom where Bournemouth would be relegated to the Championship along with Norwich and Aston Villa, who are just two safety points with a game in hand on the teams above them.

Ramsdale told Sky Sports News: "No one is totally adrift and we have not worked so hard and played so many games only to be cruelly dispatched."

"It would be even harder for Aston Villa who, if they hadn't done so well in reaching the Carabao Cup final, would have played another game and perhaps not even been in the bottom three. I think that's probably the worst case scenario. "

"We have invested a lot this season, and we want it to work again. And for all the other teams that have worked so hard; Liverpool, so close to the title, and Sheffield United who want to finish as high as they can. It is our job, it's our passion and right now we are in a bit of a limbo. "

Ramsdale has been a key player for Bournemouth this season

Ramsdale has been a key player for Bournemouth this season

The Premier League is firmly against such a drastic scenario, with the season postponed & # 39; indefinitely & # 39; and a desire to complete the remaining matches, even if that means eating up the 2020-21 season. The possibility of restarting games in June behind closed doors is being explored and Ramsdale thinks this would be a shame, but he can understand the reason behind this.

"Having played a lot of sub023s football recently, where there are fewer fans, I can say that they certainly make a big difference. If it's about that, where we have to play five games behind closed doors and then another five with the crowd again, it will benefit to the players because although we are having a break right now, you cannot mentally disconnect.

"If there were, say, three games a day and it was all televised, then the fans would have entertainment and maybe it could work. But part of football is the fans, especially in a club like Bournemouth, where the fans are massive. Driving force "

He also spoke about how difficult the delay to cope has been mentally.

"It hasn't been easy being honest," he said. "I had a hard time adjusting to not training every morning. You get up and sit around the house trying to keep yourself busy. As a 21-year-old, there is a lot you can do when you're not very good at DIY and it's all done for you!

"It's easy during the summer to disconnect and forget about football, but we can't do that, especially in the situation we're in as a team. Somehow, you have to keep your mind active."

Ramsdale says it's been difficult for him to stay home

Ramsdale says it's been difficult for him to stay home

A silver lining for Ramsdale, who is impressed in his first full season as Bournemouth's first-choice goalkeeper, is the postponement of the Euros, with an additional twelve months now to impress England manager Gareth Southgate.

"If my performance levels are the same or better, then an extra year is obviously a big help. The entire team in England is something I wanted to try to get into. The most important thing is for me to finish this season strong and hopefully I will be on their plans this season, no matter next.

"Tom Heaton and Jordan Pickford have always been top notch. Whenever I've had a good game, they always send me a message on Instagram. It's brilliant when you can chat with one of them."

"Dean Henderson and I have been together for a while in England's (underage) camps. He is a brilliant goalkeeper and is having a fantastic season. Although we are in the same place, we are in the same situation as the youngsters. Boys trying to get into that and we're really feeding off each other. "

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