Betty Broderick Story Trailer: Deadline

<pre><pre>Betty Broderick Story Trailer: Deadline

There are two sides to every murder and Amanda Peet is looking to tell her side as Betty Broderick in Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story.

Set in the 1960s and well into the 1980s, the second installment of Dirty john The anthology series follows the headline Betty Broderick and the downward spiral of her marriage to Dan (Christian Slater) in what Oprah Winfrey considered one of the "most messy divorces in America" ​​before it ended in a double homicide.


Betty was the perfect blonde wife and mother from Southern California, while her handsome husband Dan loves everyone she meets. She supported him through medical and law school, and things changed when he became a superstar in the San Diego legal community. Just as he was celebrating Dan's success, he hires Linda, a beautiful young woman, and that's where things start to fall apart. Betty's attempts to fight Dan's cold confidence and she loses her identity. That said, things do get derailed, and you can test it in the first teaser.

Produced by UCP, a division of NBCUniversal Content Studios, Dirty john moves from Bravo to the US USA for its second season, written by Alexandra Cunningham, who is also an executive producer along with Jessica Rhoades (The case, Sharp objects), the star of the first season Connie Britton, Atlas Entertainment and Los Angeles Times Studios. Netflix co-produces and has premiere rights for the series outside the US. USA

Check out the trailer above.



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