Aurora Police and Firefighters Descend Due to Coronavirus

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More than 50 emergency responders, police and firefighters in Aurora are isolated, unable to work their essential shifts due to coronavirus concerns.

Twenty Aurora police officers are in quarantine, along with nine civilian department employees. Twenty-five Aurora Fire Rescue firefighters are temporarily out of work.

Officers, civilian police department employees, and firefighters stay away from work for a variety of coronavirus-related reasons, including exposure and symptomatology.

"Right now it's not a very large number," said Officer Matthew Longshore, a police spokesman. "We are not running short staff."

The department employs 744 officers and 237 civilian employees.

"We are still above our critical staffing levels, and we are still fine with the number of officers we have on the street at the moment," Longshore said. "It is a fluid situation. We have to adjust, like any other person."

Some officers have received overtime to fully cover staffing. Everyone in isolation will go through the proper protocols and security measures before returning to work.

Longshore did not say if anyone on staff had tested positive for coronavirus.


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