Amanda Peet is a deadly divorcee in Dirty John Season 2: Look!

<pre><pre>Amanda Peet is a deadly divorcee in Dirty John Season 2: Look!

Welcome to one of the most messy divorces in America. Or, at least, that's how Oprah Winfrey I previously described it.

Today, the US network it gave Dirty john admires for the first time his new season, which addresses the story of Betty Broderick. The latest version of the beloved anthology of the true crime, appropriately named Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Storystars Amanda Peet like the perfect Southern California housewife who was murdered after a messy divorce.

But, as the previous trailer suggests, "every murder has two sides."

"He wanted a husband and a family. Dan needed a wife who could wait for him," Peet laments as Betty in a voiceover. "He would have treated me better if he had been a dog and served my master."

Playing unfaithful Dan Broderick is none other than Mr. robotown Christian slater. In the dramatization of this case, Betty states that she sacrificed everything to be put aside by a 19-year-old second wife.

"I was married for 16 years, then he turns 40 and leaves with a 19-year-old sports car," adds Betty.

Not to mention, the character claims to have been unfairly institutionalized by his ex. But do any of these justify murder?

"I'm surprised that it only took one bullet to kill Dan Broderick," Betty coldly declares.

For a closer look at this fascinating story, be sure to check out the new trailer above!

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story It will soon hit the US network. USA

(E! And USA Network are part of the NBCUniversal family.)



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