Alec Baldwin says he and his wife do not discuss coronavirus with their children because there is enough fear already

Alec Baldwin

According to Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin, they do not like to discuss the coronavirus with their children because they believe that there is already enough fear of spreading across the country. The actor claimed they did not want to "contaminate them with fear," Page Six learned.

Obviously, Alec and Hilaria are referring to the widespread coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led several countries in the West to temporarily close their borders and close stores and non-essential businesses.

Fans of the couple know they have several children, including Romeo Alejandro David, Leonardo Angel Charles, Rafael Thomas, and Carmen Gabriela. In addition, Baldwin has another daughter named Ireland Baldwin, 24, who he shares with his ex, Kim Basinger.

Many of the most popular television shows, including late-night television series, have temporarily ceased production. For that reason, the conversation between Howard and his guests was through a video call.

During the new video chat episode of The Howard Stern Show, the couple discussed how they felt about the coronavirus. According to Alec, he and his wife go to another room every time they want to talk about the coronavirus because they just want their children to enjoy their lives.

According to Fox News, Hilaria spoke up and stated that despite the fact that they never talk about the pandemic in front of their children, their children are still old enough to know that something big is happening around the world.

Hilaria went on to say that as long as they are not stressed about it, her children are fine. When Howard asked how they approached the subject, Hilaria stated that she was honest with them. She directly tells them that they have to live differently at the moment because of the virus.

As previously reported, the coronavirus has spread worldwide, causing 21,571 deaths and 480,446 cases in 175 different territories and countries.


So far, the United States, for example, has about 1,046 deaths and 69,197 cases, and the vast majority of them come from New York. Alec Baldwin and his wife live in New York.

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