Chris Paul believes that Knicks' exchange rumors are a distraction from the Spike Lee fiasco


Rumors have circulated in recent days about the NBA Twittersphere that the Knicks are interested in acquiring veteran shipowner Chris Paul through the exchange with the Thunder, but the Oklahoma City shipowner did not appear to have the New York franchise in a estimated particularly high. during media availability on Friday at Madison Square Garden.

Those commercial rumors come from the new president of the Knicks team, Leon Rose, who was once Paul's agent. ESPN's Frank Isola said the Knicks were "gathering information,quot; about Paul and could possibly try to exchange for him this summer.

But Paul may not be so interested in moving to New York and playing for such a volatile office. His sneakers during Friday's game were written "Do the Right Thing," referring to the Knicks' safety fiasco with Superfan Spike Lee.

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Paul did not shy away from the problem before the game. He mentioned it when asked about trade rumors; His response also signaled disappointment in the way the Knicks handled Lee's situation.

"They are trying to divert attention from those things from Spike Lee," Paul told a league employee in front of the SNY cameras.

Paul said he was anticipating a meeting with Lee, who said he would not attend any games at the Knicks' house the rest of the season because of his dispute with team owner James Dolan.

"I talked to Spike a couple of days ago, I really hoped he was here in the game to see me play because he hadn't played here in two years," Paul said. "I was excited to see Spike."