Her father picked her up for the dad / daughter dance, so her older brother intervened


Positive images of TSR: Sorry if I have some of you in your feelings this Friday night, but this story is very sweet. After seeing her 7-year-old daughter be defended for the second consecutive year for her school's father / daughter dance, Trelysia Hamerter felt helpless and disconsolate for her baby.

Her daughter Skylar shed tears because her heart was set in motion. "I literally felt helpless because I had the feeling that I would do it, but I hoped he wouldn't dare do the same trick two years in a row," Hamerter tells us.

Just when he thought he had lost all hope, it was what his 11-year-old Christian son did next that made them cry with joy.

"My 11-year-old son was the one who intervened and said he would take her because she deserves someone to keep her word and someone who makes her feel special," Hamerter said.

At this point, mom knew she was raising a king.

"My son helps me and loves me," Hamerter said. "It is definitely not the average of 11 years.

Hamerter shared his story on Facebook, where his post got more than 70,000 reactions and 36,000 actions.

She left the world with this message: "I only know that one day I will raise someone a GREAT HUSBAND."

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