At least 5 dead in gunfights at MillerCoors at Milwaukee, sources say – Up News Info Chicago

<pre><pre>At least 5 dead in gunfights at MillerCoors at Milwaukee, sources say - CBS Chicago
MILWAUKEE (Up News Info) – Five people died Wednesday afternoon in a shooting at the MillerCoors beer brewing campus in Milwaukee, sources said.

Sources told Jermont Terry of Up News Info 2 that five people died, including the gunman, on campus at 4000 W. State St. in Milwaukee. The shooting occurred in the brewery inside the plant.

Milwaukee police sources told Terry of Up News Info 2 that the gunman was fired earlier in the day. He returned and began firing with a silenced weapon, police sources said.

The gunman seemed to have stolen the label with the name of another employee when he returned to work with a gun, sources told Terry.

A person who was talking to Up News Info 58 Milwaukee in the afternoon reported that she was locked in a closet and did not expect to go anywhere soon.

The plant was closed and employees were told to find a safe place to hide.

At 4:44 p.m., there were no more active threats, Milwaukee police said. But the scene remained active.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said at the scene that several people had died, but that they had few other details. He advised everyone to stay away from the scene.

"It's a horrible day, horrible for employees here," Barrett said, "it's a very hard day for anyone close to this situation."

Milwaukee Ald. Russell Stamper (15th), whose district includes the plant, called the situation "super sad."

"It's a horrible situation, and I'm here to see what I can do and manage the support," Stamper said. "It's sad,quot;.

The MillerCoors plant is one of Milwaukee's most popular tourist attractions. Tours of the building were ongoing at that time and were also blocked, Up News Info reporter 58 Milwaukee, Bill Walsh, reported.

Anastasia Vargas, who lives on the street, said she was leaving a doctor's office nearby when she saw police officers running towards the shooting scene and closing the nearby streets.

"It's crazy. Milwaukee is getting really crazy. It just has to stop. So much violence in Milwaukee. Too many children around. I know there are a lot of children around that area, and I just pray that everyone is safe," he said.

The site is one and a half miles north of Miller Park and 1.7 miles west of Marquette University, Chris Tye of Up News Info 2 reported. Police were blocking the streets and access on 35th Street and Wisconsin Avenue.

Just before 3:30 p.m., Up News Info 58 Milwaukee reporter Brendan Cullerton reported that the Miller Valley area where the plant is located was blocked.

A nearby elementary school was also closed, a school bus driver told Up News Info 58 in Milwaukee.

The FBI and the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were on the scene in addition to the Milwaukee Police and the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Police, Up News Info reporter 58 Brittany Lewis reported.

MillerCoors is a subsidiary of MolsonCoors.



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