Britain battered when storm Dennis brings landslides and travel chaos

<pre><pre>Britain battered when the "weather bomb" creates travel chaos

LONDON – Britain has been hit by bad weather for the second consecutive weekend, which prompted an official warning on Sunday that lives were at risk as the streets flooded, mud flowed, train tracks dozens of flights were submerged and canceled.

The storm, called Dennis and classified as a "meteorological bomb,quot; by the national meteorological service, the Meteorological Office, triggered wind gusts of 91 miles per hour, becoming one of the most intense winter storms that take over the North Atlantic. The term meteorological pump is applied when the air pressure of a storm falls by some measure in 24 hours, causing great turbulence and high wind speeds.


The impact on the ground brought chaos to parts of England, Wales and Scotland, with more than half a month of rain falling in one day. In addition, a teenager's body was taken out of the sea during the storm, and a man died after he apparently fell overboard from a ship docked off the coast. On Sunday, police in Wales said another man had lost his life after falling into a river



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