Wendy Williams apologizes to the LGBTQ + community for the comments she made during her show – Watch the video

Wendy Williams Apologizes To The LGBTQ+ Community The Comments That She Made During Her Show - See The Video

It was recently reported that Wendy Williams managed to get into trouble with the LGBTQ community and all its followers. This came just after an offensive comment the host made about gay men with skirts and heels.

She said some rather controversial words, and they turned to social networks, outraging people.

Now, The Shade Room reveals that Wendy decided it's time to apologize for what he said.

People seem to support Wendy in the comments, and many followers said he should not have apologized.

Someone wrote: "Everything offends the LGBTQ community," and another follower said: "So no one talks to his chest anymore, every two days someone apologizes or pedals."

Another commenter posted this: ‘I should not apologize because what he said was true. I love gays, but you can't call yourself a woman if you don't have a period, you're unable to have children, etc. The LGBTQ community is becoming problematic. "

Someone else said that "She is not lying, let the women have something for herself," and another commenter posted this: "I don't know why she really apologized, said what period she said."

Another follower said: "Wendy, we're not even sure you should wear our skirts and heels," and one commenter posted this: "He didn't tell lies for the first time!" Why are they angry? "

Another follower said: "Man, she doesn't have to apologize because she was saying facts,quot;

Someone else said: "She just said the same thing you write in these comments every day," and another commenter posted this: "She was right." I don't care how feminine you are … as men we will never experience what black women go through. They are only facts. "


What do you think about what Wendy said and the fact that he apologized?

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