The weekly | How a Hong Kong campus became a fiery battlefield

<pre><pre>The weekly | How a Hong Kong campus became a fiery battlefield

Producer director Andrea Schmidt

Protesters who grabbed smartphones and wore masks took to the streets. Riot police with armor fired water cannons and tear gas to reaffirm authority. For months, the two sides clashed in a series of increasingly violent clashes at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong.

The siege of PolyU last November was the climax of intense clashes between the Hong Kong police, who had exhausted their tolerance of dissent, and protesters who refused to give up their freedoms without fighting.

Watch the video from the front in PolyU as the area became an urban battlefield. Listen to the masked protesters, too scared to speak openly, describe on camera how they locked themselves inside the university buildings and desperately tried to escape days after the riot police stormed the school.

Senior History Editors Dan Barry, Liz O. Baylen and Liz Day
Supervising Producer Singeli Agnew
Director of photography Victor Tadashi Suarez
Video editor Pierre Takal
Senior Coordinating Producer Sameen Amin
Photographer Lam Fei Yak
Associate producer Abdulai Bah
Associate Post Producer Valerie Shenkman, Wesley Harris
File Producer Gini Richards
Associate File Producer Timothy Duffy
Field producers Sharon yeung
Additional reports Ezra Cheung, K.K. Rebecca Lai, Elaine Yu and Haley Willis


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