Pamela Anderson confesses that she is not an easy wife after her short-term marriage

<pre><pre>Pamela Anderson confesses that she is not an easy wife after her short-term marriage

After her very short 12-day marriage, Pamela Anderson admitted that she is simply not so good at the whole "wife,quot; affair. The actress told her many followers that, although she would consider herself very talented in other aspects of her life, such as motherhood, she is simply "not a great wife,quot; and that's fine! After all, "you can't have it all," right?

This happens after she confirmed that her marriage of less than two weeks with Jon Peters came to an end before they could officially present their marriage certificate!


A few days ago, he tweeted for the first time that "I only wanted to get married once … not all? I have a beautiful family, I am a good mother … but not a great wife, I cannot have everything."

And that was not all! He returned to the platform to write also: "I am not an easy wife,quot;, without going into details about exactly what I wanted to say.

Pamela first took her fans by surprise when she announced that she had married her longtime friend, Jon Peters, in a secret and intimate ceremony!

However, the real shock did not occur more than 12 days later, when she shared that they had decided to separate.

The couple dated a little in the 1980s and after separating, they remained friends and neighbors for more than 30 years before rekindling their romance last year.

However, their romantic participation did not last almost as long as their friendship, obviously, and it seems that the failed marriage could have ruined their lifelong friendship in the process as well!


On February 1, Pamela released a statement through The Hollywood Reporter, in which he announced: ‘We would be very grateful for your support as we take time to reassess what we want from life and others. Life is a journey and love is a process. "

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