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Lady Gaga proposes herself in a powerful Valentine's message

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Lady Gaga He is putting a ring on his own finger.

Is Valentine's Day, the superstar singer decided to send a message to the world, calling herself to show that we are all free to propose marriage to anyone at any time. Gaga selected the "Knight Finger,quot; ring for the special occasion, which was created by his old friend and fashion activist. B. Åkerlund for the Klarna shopping service as part of its Get What You Love campaign. The empowerment campaign encourages everyone to propose how and when they want, essentially "giving the finger,quot; to obsolete traditions.


"Throughout my career, I am proud to use my voice to defend what I think is right," says Gaga in an exclusive comment for Klarna. "So I am excited to work with my friend B. and Klarna to celebrate how far we have come as a culture, and mention the work we must continue to do."

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This year, 2020, is a leap year, and as tradition says, it is acceptable for women to propose marriage to their partner on February 29. However, Klarna and Gaga believe that everyone should have the freedom to move forward with that important life choice. whenever you want.

"The idea that a woman can only propose to a man one day every four years is completely ridiculous!" Gaga shares. "Anyone who knows me knows that I believe that any person of any gender identity should be able to express any act of love to any other person on ANY day of ANY year."

The singer of "Million Reasons,quot; continues: "So in an act of defiance of this obsolete tradition, I decided to say yes to HIMSELF! And use this ring today with pride to remind myself and everyone that the only permission you need to love comes from within you. "

From the partnership with Gaga, Klarna CMO, David SandströmHe says: "Like Lady Gaga, in Klarna we believe that if traditions are not questioned, the status quo prevails."

"Why should we conform and conform to social and industry expectations just because?" Sandström asks. "The Knight's Finger ring was created as a symbol to allow everyone to express their love in the terms they want, just as our millions of buyers can get what they love every day with Klarna."

The Knight Finger was designed to inspire us all to "love without fear on our own terms,quot; and "set aside the traditions of the past to define our own future," according to activist Åkerlund.

"Lady Gaga is a knight in shining armor, defeating everything that gets in her way," adds the designer. "She is REALLY an inspiration to create her own rules to express her true self. It is an honor that she chose to put my ring on her finger."

All proceeds from the sale of the rings will go to Dress for Success, an international non-profit organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence.

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