Kandi Burruss shares a photo of the first season of RHOA: check it out here

Kandi Burruss Shares A Throwback Pic From The First RHOA Season - Check It Out Here

Kandi Burruss shared a photo of the first season of RHOA. You can see it below to see Kandi rocking her short hair.

‘#TBT of my first season in #RHOA. My days with short hair. And it weighed around 20 pounds lighter … Someone closed my jaws so that I could return to this size. Ka’ Kandi captioned his post.

Someone commented: ‘Hell no! You looked amazing then and even better now, "and another follower said:" You are more beautiful now, inside and out! Keeping it real, you're my favorite! "

A follower wrote: "It's not necessary. You have bawwwwdy! I'm sure todd doesn't complain. Live your best life, sister!"

Another commentator said: & # 39; No, because you have gone to burst them again❤️❤️❤️ we love to eat !! & # 39; and someone else posted this: & # 39; @kandi you look good with the extra, you don't need to shut your mouth, you're in a realistic size now.

A follower said: "Wow, you were super thin, but you look good now," and someone else posted this: "@kandi, you were beautiful and even more beautiful now." I was on a road trip from Atlanta the other day, and I was getting close to some @Xscape. It never goes out of style! & # 39;

A follower praised Kandi's look and said: "You look amazing in the same way that you are horny … ❤️😍 # beautiful,quot;, and someone else remembered: "This was the day of,quot; flight over all who hate " And you've kept that same energy all these years. "

Someone told Kandi: ‘My co-worker and I were literally talking about this aspect early today. She wants this exact cut and color. Seeing him publish it on his page today is really creepy because we literally ONLY talk about this! This is definitely the confirmation that she should do it. Let me capture this and tell you to stop playing and let's do it! 😂 ’


Apart from this, Kandi has been falling in love with her son, Ace Wells Tucker, who continues to show her new shoes.

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