High fidelity is a strong dose of nostalgia established today

<pre><pre>High fidelity is a strong dose of nostalgia established today

Prepare for a nostalgic musical journey.

Hulu has just released its version of High Fidelity, which many may know as a 2000 film starring John Cusack. The program is based on the book on which the film was also based, also called High Fidelity, by Nick Hornby, as Zoƫ Kravitz It reminded us when we visited the set last year.


Kravitz plays a genre version of Cusack's character, a record shop owner who recovers from a breakup that is obsessed with sorting things out. The program looks and feels like it used to be before iPhones and Spotify, although it is currently set, which is part of the reason Kravitz says it is the right time for the story to return.

"I think something interesting is happening right now with our generation and nostalgia, and someone who owns a record store today is clinging to something that is dying," he told us. "Record stores no longer exist as they used to be, and I think it's something interesting to explore, someone who has been lost or trapped emotionally in the past."

Kravitz's mother, Lisa Bonet, played a singer in the movie, and although she says she was too young to go to the premiere, she grew up loving the movie regardless of whether her mother was in it.

"I think it's great that she was part of it, and it feels like a very interesting, casual and full circle situation," he says.

Da & # 39; Vine Joy Randolph stars like Cherise, a reinvention of Twenty oneThe character of the movie. He still doesn't know Jack Black, but he has a plea: "Jack, please contact my people and let's talk, because we have the second season … I want your opinion! Please!"

"That man is everything," he adds.

Randolph, who is a Tony-winning Broadway star, tells the story of High Fidelity It is timeless.

"It can work in all different styles and time periods, and I think that, in particular, the story we are telling is about 2019, New York gentrified, where there is so much culture and enthusiasm and yet it is giving ode to What is beautiful is that everyone will be discouraged by that, because older people will feel nostalgic and enjoy listening to these records … it is something that I think will only stand the test of time.

Press play up to hear more about Kravitz and Randolph!

You can see High Fidelity in Hulu now.


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