Facebook: Zuckerberg accepts that Facebook may have to pay more taxes in different places: Report – Latest news

<pre><pre>Facebook: Zuckerberg accepts that Facebook may have to pay more taxes in different places: Report - Latest news
Facebook's chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, accepts that global tax reforms mean that the social media giant may have to pay more taxes in different countries, Politician reported, citing excerpts from a speech he must deliver on Saturday.

Cross-border tax rules will be rewritten after 137 states searched last month to avoid a new trade war over the global multiplication of taxes on digital services.

"We accept that (the reforms) may mean that we have to pay more taxes and pay them in different places under a new framework," Zuckerberg is expected to say in a speech at the Munich Security Conference, Politico reported.


"I understand that there is frustration about how technology companies are taxed in Europe. We also want tax reform and I am glad that the OECD is analyzing this," said Zuckerberg's planned speech.

Amazon, Facebook and Google have forced existing rules because they can reserve profits in low-tax countries like Ireland, no matter where their customers are.

Government officials agreed to negotiate new rules on where taxes should be paid and what part of the profits should be taxed when large digital companies and others that target the consumer do not have a physical presence in the market, the Organization for Cooperation and Development Economic (OECD) said last month.

A growing number of countries are preparing national digital taxes in the absence of a major new wording of the rules, despite Washington's threat of reprisals in trade tariffs because it considers such taxes to be discriminatory against large US technology groups. UU.

Fiscal officials have only a few months before the deadline of the beginning of July to establish an agreement on complex technical parameters. Its objective is to reach a complete agreement by the end of 2020.


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