e-commerce: CAIT will appeal against the order to stay on Amazon, Flipkart – Latest news

<pre><pre>e-commerce: CAIT will appeal against the order to stay on Amazon, Flipkart - Latest news
The Confederation of All Merchants of India (CAIT) has said it will file an appeal against the suspension order of the Karnataka High Court in the investigation of the Indian Competition Commission (ITC) against Amazon and Flipkart.

In a statement, the merchants' agency said the court suspended the investigation order approved by the ICC on the grounds that the ED had already initiated an investigation into Flipkart and Amazon activities that allegedly violate FDI policy and, therefore, CAIT would now urge the government and ED to eliminate the investigation.

"Both CAIT and Delhi Vyapar Mahasangh have decided to file an appeal against the order of the High Court very soon and they are both consulting their respective lawyers. Meanwhile, CAIT will press with the Union government to accelerate the ED investigation. In this context a CAIT delegation will soon meet with the Minister of Commerce, Piyush Goyal, and with the Minister of Finance, Nirmala Sitharaman, "he said.


The general secretary of CAIT, Praveen Khandelwal, described the provisional stay as "unfortunate and unexpected,quot;.

Khandelwal told IANS that the CAIT is discussing with his lawyers about the future legal course.

"However, the court acknowledged that the Execution Directorate must continue its investigation against these companies for violations of FDI. The CAIT will now press the government to accelerate the ED investigation to expose the bad practices of these companies and will also file a very appeal soon on the matter, "he added.

As the High Court ordered a suspension of the investigation on Friday, it has also asked all respondents in the matter, including ITC, Confederation of All Merchants of India (CAIT), Delhi Vyapar Mahasangh and Flipkart to submit their responses within The eight weeks.

Amazon filed a court order petition at the Karnataka High Court on Monday to request the suspension of the JRC investigation order on its alleged violations of competition laws. The antitrust agency had ordered in January an investigation into the operations of Amazon and Flipkart in several aspects, including large discounts and exclusive links with preferred sellers.

In its allegation, Amazon had sought to "annul and annul,quot; the CCI investigation order dated January 13, 2020, alleging that the fair competition control body issued orders against the company without applying the mind and caused serious losses. to your reputation

In its order, the ICC had said that it should be investigated whether the alleged exclusive agreements, the deep discount and the preferential inclusion by Amazon and Flipkart are being used as an exclusive tactic to exclude competition.


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