Trina and Nikki Natural almost hit the beats in the latest episode of "Love & Hip Hop Miami,quot;


Whew chile, the drama! If you watched the most recent episode of the hit VH1 reality series "Love & Hip Hop Miami," then you know that things became very real, very quickly. Rap veteran Trina and newcomer Nikki Natural almost get physically in a confrontation that also involved several other cast members.

If you've kept up with "Love & Hip Hop Miami," then you know that during the last episodes, the tension between Trina and Trick Daddy's ex-girlfriend, Nikki Natural, has been constantly brewing. Well, in the last episode things finally reached a critical point, and it wasn't pretty.

After the previous fight of Nikki and Sukihana, the recent episode begins just at the same point, since the possible members of Trina's training camp, Nikki, Sukihana and Hood Brat are physically fighting to the point that Sukihana snatches the Nikki wig

Trina came out to try to calm the situation, but Nikki Natural approached her, even calling her a bitch. That was when Trina went from zero to 100 in a short time. She unloaded Nikki and the two ladies were trying to hit each other, but security continued to block her.

He did not stop there because Nikki asked the producers to call an ambulance and the police because he claimed that all the women jumped her, including Trick Daddy's former Joy.

Many on social media were completely confused why Nikki was still coming for Trina when she had nothing to do with the fight, which was the same question that Trina asked Trick Daddy when he called to tell him what happened with his previous boo .

Roommates, what do you think about this?