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<pre><pre>Your Monday briefing - The New York Times

The death toll from the new coronavirus has increased to more than 300 people, with more than 14,000 known infections worldwide. In the Philippines, a The man who had recently arrived from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, became the first recorded fatality outside of China. Some of the world's leading experts now believe that a pandemic, an ongoing epidemic on two or more continents, is almost inevitable.

Many airlines have suspended service to China, and the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore have joined the United States to temporarily ban most of China's travelers. China's vast economy and the global supply chains it feeds are frayed.


But some senior officials in Southeast Asia, which has the largest group of coronavirus patients outside China, have rejected the threat and even promoted remedies not backed by science.

Here is the latest and a map of infections.

How we got here: Public health experts say that China initially put the secret and order before facing the coronavirus. Rebuilding the first seven weeks of its propagation, our reporters showed how the authorities silenced the doctors and others for raising red flags and gently pedaled the danger.

Alcohol was banned in Parliament Square for the big celebration, but vendors brought beer. "They couldn't do without that," Ben said.


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