Jordyn Woods causes rumors about skin whitening and fans are not happy – See the photos that triggered the talk


Jordyn Woods shared a couple of new photos in which he wears a beautiful red dress. Fans obviously praise her in the comments as if there was no tomorrow, but some of them also noticed that Jordyn's skin could look a little clearer.

They began a debate in the comments, and some people accused Jordyn of bleaching his skin.

A follower told Jordyn: "Sister, you bleach your skin and ions that way," and more fans jumped in the comments to defend Kylie Jenner's former best friend.

Someone wrote: j @jordynwoods does not need to bleach his skin because he is perfectly happy with his appearance. If there is something we, as a society, should do is take a moment and reflect before saying things that can be misleading or hurt others. God bless! & # 39;

A follower said: "Have you ever heard of enlightenment? It is the light that illuminates the photo."

One person posted this: "how she is bleaching but her body has the same tone … you're slow … and her mom looks just like her … people love to say silly things."

Someone else said: "I think people don't know that we get lighter in winter and a little darker in summer." I can't believe the shit that people post on other people's pages thinking they know everything they don't know you personally. "

Another of Jordyn's fans shaded the enemy and said it is very offensive to comment on something like that: 'Do you love her, but disrespect her and accuse her of something that most people of color would find insulting and hate themselves same? Wow … that's a kind of new love that I haven't heard of. "

Jordyn has been posting many amazing photos in 2020.

She shared some photos in which some swimsuits were swinging and managed to look incredibly beautiful.


Fans even said that with those photos, he definitely managed to break the Internet.

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