50 Cent makes a big announcement with the backing of his girlfriend Cuban Link: his son, Marquise Jackson, and his former friend Floyd Mayweather must be watching this closely

50 Cent Kobe Bryant Tribute

Apparently, rapper 50 Cent has decided to change his way of being after the horrible death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant.

the Power Star went to social networks and posted a sweet video where he hugs Kobe on a basketball court.

50 Cent respected Kobe's families and the other seven who died in a helicopter crash on Sunday morning.

50 Cent also took the opportunity to announce that Kobe's loss inspired him to be a better person, and he will no longer start fights and randomly trolleys at random.

The MC said this: “I feel I have to achieve what I want in life now after this. I have to concentrate and I am no longer arguing with anyone. I will treat it differently if there is a problem. #stargetthapp #abcforlife February 11 ".

50 Cent has had many fights with his first son, Marquise Jackson, and his former friend Floyd Mayweather, and many people wonder, will he spread an olive branch?

Cuban Link supports the 50 Cent decision and shared these emojis: "💪🏽❤️".

An observer said: “This was the day I saw you on television and I knew it. I love you, Curtis James Jackson lll. That's why I say HOW I FEEL and I don't take anything, I don't want to say anything for granted! Love2Love ❤️🙌🏾🙏🏼 "

Another commenter said: "Same Pop the same." I've been saying this for a long time. Kobe's death has impacted us all, tbh! Rich or not. Those of the government house or those of their mansions. ALL THE WORLD!!! Praise God! 🙏🏾 Now, KEEP POSITIVE EVERY DAY EVERY DAY !!!! ❤️🙌🏾🙏🏼Love2Love ".

This follower revealed: “A public announcement is not necessary. Just do it, and people will recognize the change. So, will you meet your first child? I hope he does 🙏 He needs to humble himself and stop criticizing people in his community. "

This person said: “You need to talk to your child and love him no matter what problems you have with your mother. I can't take it seriously. He has some problems with man. Without empathy. "

A fourth comment said: "Let's hope so, because his trolling is foul. Now he needs to find his eldest son and hug him. # Realtalk💯 # 50cent ❤️ Imagine how he would feel if they never reconnected like a father who is with you, not like him child ".


Can 50 Cent do this?

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