Tiny Harris shares a video with the heiress girl Harris in her Bentley and fans can't get enough of her


It seems that Tiny Harris's daughter, heiress Harris, received the coolest thing of all! He got a Bentley Trike, and he really seems to love it.

Tiny shared a video on her social media account in which the young woman is testing her new vehicle, and although the video is really of poor quality, people still love it. Check it out below.

‘Thanks to @bentleytrike as you can see he loves it. Sorry for the blurry video, it's my mother's fault! Iny👑💜 ’Tiny captioned his post, offering his gratitude to Bentley.

People flooded the comments section with many words of love for the pretty girl.

Someone said, "She makes you want to kiss her so beautiful," and another follower posted this: "She has grown so much! She is so adorable. & # 39;

Another follower posted this: Tienes You have another singer! She has good control of her lil voice! She is adorable! 💕 ’

Someone else said: "Awww, look at my little baby Angel, it's getting so big and fast," tell me how you like it once you try it, Tiny @majorgirl, I was thinking of giving my baby one for her first birthday " .

Another commenter said: ‘Maaaaan, that time when you and shekinah rode that bike, in the park. HI-LA-RIUS ".

An Instagrammer published: "The heiress needs a little sister who is so cute," they should have 1 more, "hinting at the fact that Tiny and Tip should definitely continue and have another baby.

A follower praised the beauty of the heiress and said: "My God, she is so beautiful that I love this little girl!"

Speaking of another baby, it has been revealed that Tiny hinted at the fact that she might be pregnant again.


In her most recent Instagram post, it seems that the 44-year-old singer and her husband, T.I., are more in love than ever, and this obviously caused a lot of speculation.

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