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Trick Daddy & # 39; s GF has ripped off the wig in Love & Hip Hop – She's bald too!


This weekend, a photo of Trick Daddy was published, showing that the Florida rapper has a very retracted hairline.

Well, it turns out that his reality star girlfriend Nikki also has a receding hairline. And it was exposed this weekend too.

MTO News has confirmed that on Saturday, Nikki was filming a scene for the new season of Love & Hip Hop Miami, when other cast members skipped it.

According to our main sneaks in production, Nikki was talking with fellow castors Hood Brat and Sukihana: aAnd the two girls jumped it.

A producer explained to MTO News: "Nikki tried to pressure Sukihana for something he said about Trick (Daddy). It didn't go well."

The producer continued: "Sukihana and Hood Brat beat her and tore off her wig. The crazy thing is that under the wig her head was bald."