Alex Trebek of Jeopardy insists that the show should continue



Alex Trebek Soldiers in The Jeopardy Presenter and the show are back in primetime for a series of titled games Jeopardy: the greatest of all time with past champions Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter Y James Holzhauer, the three highest money winners in the history of the game show. And the new primetime special comes at a time when all eyes are on Trebek while fighting pancreatic cancer.

Speaking on the winter press tour of the 2020 Television Critics Association, Trebek, 79, anticipated the day he will sign the program he has called home since 1984 and told the press that he has a planned speech, But when I say it will be on a whim. , just like when he was shaving his famous mustache.

"Some days are better than others," Trebek said on the TCA stage about the current state of his health while promoting the tournament with the champions.

"My resistance is less than most of you, of course, because of the treatments I have been receiving, and as you can see, I have a cold that seems to be going around," Trebek said of his cancer treatment. "They left me one of my chemotherapy drugs, which was killing me. I won't know until tomorrow, I will undergo some tests, and then another week or so until I know where things are."

The primetime special began airing on Tuesday, January 7 and continues on Wednesday, January 8 and concludes on Thursday, January 9 on ABC. One of the players will receive a prize of $ 1 million and the other two will receive $ 250,000.

Trebek, who said he has good days and bad days, said that during the filming of the tournament there were some difficult times.

"During this tournament, I told this to my wife, because I saw all the shows after they were there, I said: 'Did you notice anything about the way I handle the shows?" She said: "I didn't notice anything at all," and I said yes. It seemed a little slower … I feel like I wasn't having one of my best weeks, so some weeks are good, others are bad, but it comes with the territory for the champions, "he said.

Trebek has organized the syndicated game show since 1984 and is synonymous with it. So what happens when the time comes to finish your hosting tasks? There are no current plans for that moment, it was revealed on the panel.

"Keep in mind that I am now 79 years old, and I don't expect 30 seconds to arrive in the near future (farewell speech)," he said. Trebek added as long as he feels that his skills "have not diminished too much,quot; and as long as he enjoys being with the contestants, such as Rutter, Jennings and Holzhauer, he will remain the host. You are taking things month by month at this time.

Jeopardy: the greatest of all time continues on ABC at 8 p.m. Wednesday, January 8 and Thursday, January 9.