DJ Akademiks calls Meek Mill & # 39; Narcissist & # 39; for comparing the struggles of the soldiers with their life on the street

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The rapper & # 39; Going Bad & # 39; He says on Twitter that he understands the feelings of a soldier because he has experienced how it feels to have his & # 39; life at stake 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without knowing if you have gone home! & # 39 ;

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meek millThe recent comment did not like many people, including DJ Akademiks. The hip-hop blogger called the rapper to compare the struggles that soldiers have to face in a war with their own struggles that live on the streets.

Meek made the comment on Twitter: "Once for the soldiers who really have to go to war and put your life in danger … we from the trenches, then we know the feeling of having your life on the line 24 hours, 7 days a week, not knowing if he went home! He was clearly trying to send positivity to the soldiers who defended the countries across the borders, but the way he said it was not well received by Akademiks.

Meek Mill sent positivity to the soldiers.

Sharing on Monday, January 6, a video of him giving his two cents in Meek's tweet, Akademiks called him the "most narcissistic and self-pleasing tweet you can probably have about the situation because while we are trying to give some light to men and the women who serve in our armed forces, Meek Mill, had to say that being on the streets is like being at war. "

Although Akademiks admitted to having understood Meek's point, he said: "But to compare many people who, by the way, we keep it real and this is what I don't like that Meek never mentions, most of the street life is really crime. You can call it survival, but it is usually survival by doing crime … Now, in my opinion, that is completely different from the men and women who really offer and volunteer their services and risk their lives and protect their lives. the rest ".

"I keep listening to guys talk about street codes, but every time they are locked they talk to each other," he continued, before calling Meek a "great hypocrite" for continuing to glorify the violence of street life while defending the prison reform. .

Meek has not yet responded.


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