DaBaby allegedly arrested by police in a robbery investigation


Roommates, we previously posted a video of DaBaby's handcuffed place in Miami. Well, according to TMZ, the arrest is due to a robbery investigation that seems to have taken place today.

There is even a video of the alleged theft! Click here

Now, in the video you can see a man on the floor and another man checking his pockets. Once the man ends, he climbs into a black SUV where someone else comes out and hits the man who was initially on the floor. Although he cannot clearly see who is in the video, he did not prevent law enforcement from accepting DaBaby.

This new confrontation with the law is just after another arrest that took place in DaBaby's hometown, Charolette, North Carolina, not too long ago. DaBaby made sure he entered social media only a few hours after he was arrested to explain how he felt he was unjustly arrested and was adamant when he was harassed by police.

TMZ reports that the men who may have been on video are members of the DaBaby crew. DaBaby has just finished performing in Miami with P.Diddy for New Year's Eve, where Diddy made sure to give Baby his accessories about everything he has achieved in 2019, calling him the best in the game. Watch that video below:

Ironically, his legal problems have been surrounding him in what he seems, the bigger he becomes, the more he coincides with the laws that coincide. DaBaby has not yet publicly addressed this last situation, however, we will definitely make sure to keep it updated on any other details in development.